Rat Barrier

Stop rotterne med SPC Rottespærre, som er 100 procent effektiv.

En rotte i toilettet er en grim og ulækker oplevelse.Rotteplagen griber om sig. Kloakerne er mange steder i forfald. Den brune rotte er den

You can be completely sure withSPC Rat Barrier.

A rat in the toilet is a grim and nasty experience. It is becoming more and more common for rats to enter homes through toilets, and there are examples of rats working several floors up before being discovered in a toilet. Thus, it is good advice to put the lid down after use. But this advice doesn’t help while you are sitting there...

SPC Rat Barrier is 100% effective. Easily mounted between the toilet and drain pipe.

SPC Rat Barrier is tested and VA approved.

100% selfcleaning. VA Nr. 299/10551.


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