Drinking lids

The special drinking tops are perfect for the groove cup – the valve in the top makes a vacuum which makes it easy to drink (suck) while lying down. It is easy to fully control the amount of fluid.

The top is available with a small hole for easy flowing liquids and a bigger hole for thick liquids.

Push with two fingers on the two holes in the lid to control the amount of fluid if you cannot suck up the fluid by yourself.


More Information:

The Drinking lid are also available in heat sensitive plastics. It means tha the lid changes color when the contents are too hot.The lid changes color when the liquid is above 28 degrees Celsius.

drikketopnorm drikketopnorm2 drikketopvarm3

The deep purple colour
indicates that the liquid
in the mug is
below 38 degrees celcius.

The liquid is below 38 degrees
celcius and is ready for consumption.
The liquid is more than 
38 degrees Celsius and is
too hot for consumption.